When it comes to Interior design, the layering of different finishes and textures is a fundamental process to create a luxurious and unique space.
Many specialist companies have created stunning finishes, to meet the demands of top designers working to create the ultimate home for their super wealthy clients.
Polished plaster is one form of creating interesting textured walls that look seamless and compliment the colour scheme of the interior. There are many different finishes and textures that have been created to look like a wallpaper or beautiful fabric.
In recent years there has been a trend for resin and liquid metal. The spectacular blend of colours and metal effects have drawn a lot of designers to implement these finishes into their designs.
Using special finishes can really enhance the interior design, so implementing it even in small detail on a piece of furniture, creates a sense of interest and becomes a talking point.
Numerous companies commission pieces of art made of liquid metal, that are specially created for their clients with a real story behind it. These beautiful creations require a big budget, but they often create an outstanding interior.