Design Inspiration

ArtDeco Style

Art Deco was one of the most decorative styles of the century, and is one that still influences contemporary designs today. Art Deco style, is rich in themes and design elements so it can be easily adapted to suit any interior. Deco pieces make use of a range of materials, which give luxurious, glossy or reflective finish.  Patterns that were widely used throughout Art Deco interiors included leaves, chevrons and zigzags; sunbursts, stepped or pointed edges. The furniture is made in high gloss lacquer finish and detailed with brass or chrome, which gives the item an unparalleled glamour.

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When it comes to Interior design, the layering of different finishes and textures is a fundamental process to create a luxurious and unique space. Many specialist companies have created stunning finishes, to meet the demands of top designers working to create the ultimate home for their super wealthy clients. Polished plaster is one form of creating interesting textured walls that look seamless and compliment the colour scheme of the interior. There are many different finishes and textures that have been created to look like a wallpaper or beautiful fabric. In recent years there has been a trend for resin and liquid metal. The spectacular blend of colours and metal effects have drawn a lot of designers to implement these finishes...

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